Birgitta and her husband live north of San Francisco, in a house on a hill, overlooking the ocean. When not writing, she walks along the bluff and up into the forest, alone or with friends. Tutoring local children keeps her grounded.

      She studied Swedish, English and German Literature, earning Master’s Degrees from the University of Lund, Sweden, and the University of California at Davis. While covering the San Francisco art beat as a contributing editor for Art & Auction in New York, she also wrote Artful Players, a book on early California art, published by Balcony Press.

“One must know the world so well before one can know the parish.”

      Turning to fiction, she drew on memories of her native Sweden, where she spent her childhood summers in a village much like the one we encounter in Fylgia. Sarah Orne Jewett’s words to Willa Cather still hold true: “Of course, one day you will write about your own country. In the meantime, get all you can. One must know the world so well before one can know the parish.”


by Birgitta Hjalmarson

Philip Roth and #MeToo

Journal by Birgitta Hjalmarson  In 2009, Marie Lundström arrives at Philip Roth’s isolated Connecticut country house to record an interview for Swedish Radio.“Are you alone?” he asks.She is. The taxi just left.Before they settle down in his...

Fylgia Chapter One Excerpt

Journal by Birgitta Hjalmarson  I STILL GO to the grave. My younger self runs ahead. I follow, cutting through the forest and staying away from the country road. An old woman in a beret and a tweed jacket.Anemones cover the graveyard in the...

Sam Law’s Interview on Fylgia and More

Journal by Birgitta Hjalmarson Sam Law, of It's Good to Read, published this interview in November, 2018. Please, give us a little more about the person behind the book:Born in Sweden, I’ve spent the better part of my life in the US. I came to...